House Exterior Painting

Our exterior refurbishment service is a total weatherproof repair and paint service all in one for your house or bungalow.

Over time, exterior walls suffer from erosion, flaking paint, damp and cracking render, however our exterior refurbishment cure all problems, leaving your property with full weather protection. Using Plaspertex wall coatings, we guarantee the coating not to fade, crack or peel, with a stunning maintenance-free finish.

Cracked render, mould, loose pebbledash, crumbling bricks or damp walls, can all be repaired quickly, and with minimal dsruption.

We then apply an optional weather-proofing coating. Johnstone’s Water Seal is a waterproofing sealer formulated for use on porous exterior walls. It provides a water repellent surface whilst allowing the substrate to breathe without changing the appearance of the substrate..

Our wall coatings comes in many different colours, textures and finished and does NOT fade, chip, crack or peel. Conceals surface blemishes, cracks and scars, whilst the coating is specially formulated to resist mould and algae.

Planned or preventative, we have a dedicated department to assist your repairs. Our expertly trained engineers and tradesman are primed to maintain, service and repair.