House Weather-proofing services

If your home doesn’t require re-painting, but you want to take advantage of weather-proofing, we can undertake this quickly and efficiently.

Our treatment, using Thompson’s Water Seak goes on top of your ordinary house brick without altering the colour or appearance of the brick in any way. It makes the porous external walls of the house totally water tight and maintenance free, and is suitable for use on brick, stucco, concrete or stone walls.

The treatment contains effective moisture resisting technology to protect porous walls against moisture and water infiltration. The water repellent but breathable barrier protects against rain, damp and frost allowing it to also help prevent dirt build-up.

Some of the benefits of using our treatment, is that it insulates your home, lowering your heating bills. It also totally eliminates penetrating damp, protects your health from damp air, and prevents erosion of the bricks, particularly in coastal homes.