Park Home Roofing Services

A new roof is costly and if done incorrectly can disrupt the structure of your home. Crest Home’s roofing refurbishment is a safer, quicker and cheaper alternative to ensure a weather-proof and great looking roof.

New roofing completed on Park Home

Our technicians cleans the roof, removing algae & moss. We then paint the roof using specially formulated exterior paint to a colour of your choice and finish with a weather-proofing silicone spray coating to complete the seal.

 As part of your roofing refurbishment, we use high quality materials specially selected for Park Homes and the latest techniques to ensure your roof stays weather proof and maintenance free for many years.

uPVC fascias, soffits and downpipes can be installed where necessary to complete the project and ensure a complete maintenance free, weather proof roof.

Crest Homes use RESITEX roof coating as part of it’s roof refurbishment projects where replacing the roof tiles is not always necessary. Coming in a variety of colours, the roof refurbishment will look like new as well as remain maintenance free for more years to come. Resitex coatings is:

  • Flexible
  • Tough
  • Water repellent
  • Breathable

As part of a roofing repair (or full replacement), Crest homes carry out a full systematic process. Rotten timbers are removed and disposed of, before the fitting of new support timbers which have been chemically treated to remain weather-proof. The roof can be optionally insulated using light-weight insulation to make sure your Park Home stays cool in the Summer, warm in the Winter and reduce your heating bills.

The roof is fitted with Decra tiles. These tiles are light-weight, highly weather proof and come in a variety of colour and styles to complement your Park Home

Decra Tiles

Payment only when you’re completely happy

Before the team leave, we personally show you all the work completed, allowing you to inspect and understand the work undertaken. With your acceptance, we sign off the work. All payments will receive a written invoice and all workmanship and products come with a full guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Based on 4 reviews
Donald Woodley
Donald Woodley
We had a door and window moved on our Park home followed by a full repainting. At a very competitive price the work was carried out on time and efficiently. The team were polite, friendly and any follow up was quickly completed. Thank you Crest Homes. Don Woodley
Kieran K Wright
Kieran K Wright
Chose Crest Homes after several other estimates; their price is definitely in line with others, but most importantly, they did a very thorough and high quality job. Very professional. Well prepared. Very careful with my stuff. They were all great. Pete was awesome...............................
David Webb
David Webb
i had crest homes out for my parents to do some work on there park home, would highly recommend without a dought very understandable and take no deposits upfront staff was very helpful
Steve Honeyman
Steve Honeyman
We used Crest Homes to install under floor insulation..window trims & door canopy. Work was completed on time to very high standard...good comms from project manager & guys on site. We have no hesitation in recommending Crest Homes.